Imaging Diagnostic Systems research scientist helps develop PTA system
Sergey Telenkov, PhD, an Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. (IDSI) research scientist, has helped develop a new hybrid technology, imaging modality, referred to as photothermoacoustic (PTA). Telenkov explained results from the collaborative effort with the University of Toronto at the 14th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena in Cairo, Egypt
Biomedical applications of PTA methodology have been pursued by numerous research groups over the past decade because of the potentially high-resolution functional imaging capabilities that could result, significantly exceeding those available to purely optical modalities. The team's results demonstrated the attractive features of the FD-PTA technique including high signal-to-noise ratio, depth-selective imaging and excellent axial resolution without high peak-power nanosecond laser exposure.
"My primary research objective as a member of the R&D group at IDSI is the reliable detection of breast cancer. CTLM technology clearly demonstrates the potential to help solve this important problem. However, hybrid techniques such as photothermoacoustic imaging may provide additional advancements to the current imaging modality, especially in terms of spatial resolution," Telenkov explained.