INFINITT North America
3D visualization of CT colonography images using Infinitt Xelis-Colon  
INFINITT North America (Booth 4054) is rolling out Xelis, a new line of dedicated 3D software products for advanced viewing and diagnosis.

The name Xelis comes from 'xel' denoting image element, as in pixel (2D) and voxel (3D), and 'IS' for information systems, the firm says. The company is showcasing its Xelis-Colon application, designed to improve detection of colorectal polyps through correlation of 2D and 3D images, and to improve radiologist productivity with its workflow and reporting tools.

Xelis-Colon uses endoluminal flythrough techniques that allow the radiologist and gastroenterologist to view the entire surface of the inside of the colon in a single, unfolded view. The software includes various review modes (2D and 3D), synchronized 2D-3D views, automatic segmentation, stool tagging and measurement tools. These visualization techniques, combined with workflow and reporting features, are expected to shorten virtual colonography interpretation time by as much as 20 to 30 percent, according to the firm.