Infotonics Center, Mediscience to bring optical biopsy pill to market
The Infotonics Technology Center, based in New York, and Mediscience Technology Corporation in Cherry Hill, N.J., have inked a deal to co-develop an optical biopsy pill.

Mediscience last month announced the securing of between $5 and $10 million in funding to support the project from a New York City-based investment group.
The plan will initially involve Infotonics’ work to miniaturize a prototype of the diagnostic pill – which has previously been referred to as a compact photonic explorer or "camera pill" – which will be provided to the FDA trials towards its eventual clearance.
The optical biopsy pill is designed to be swallowed and travel through a patient's digestive tract. Using ultraviolet radiation, the pill can detect abnormal tissue cells and transmit the information to an external monitor. Current commercially available "camera pills" provide images from within the digestive tract, but do not supply diagnostic information.
"Our optical biopsy pill demonstrates great promise in providing a non-invasive, preliminary means of detecting in vivo pre-cancerous and cancerous tissues in the upper digestive tract," said Peter Katevatis, chief executive officer, Mediscience.