InSite One upgrades InDex features
InSite One released its InDex services for managing data across any size enterprise and linking with referring physicians at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago. The new 6.0 release also has the ability to archive and manage clinical data using the IHE-defined XDS protocols.

The feature set will be released in the first quarter of 2009.

“In following a complete patient care cycle, clinical support is a major challenge, compounded by the fact much of the data cannot be viewed in context in various applications through the current means of siloed archiving and storage,” Mitchell Goldburgh, senior vice president of marketing and business development at InSite One, told Health Imaging News. He noted that the company also has examined the cost to the provider as a result of these inefficient means of accessing and archiving information, which resulted in the enhancements to the InDex.

This next phase of InDex services demonstrates how a client’s data is accessible independent of the PACS or viewing application platform. The services enable the connection to the users through scalable architecture and provide data protection through internal management tools, according to the Wallingford, Conn.-based InSite One.  

The features include:
  • An upgrade of InDex web with new thin client for referring physicians;
  • Enhancements on managed non-DICOM archive solutions with disaster recovery;
  • An upgrade of InDex Services to support XDS document source;
  • HL7-driven workflow to local access to stored data across the enterprise; and
  • Flexibility in financing with ASP model or Licensed-Service model.
InSite One also demonstrated new features to its InDex Web for the referring physician, as an application service provider module for distributing digital images and associated reports for referring physicians. As an added option for all InDex services, the service creates a connection for unlimited users to gain access to clinical results. The features now allow viewing studies and reports remotely on multiple web browsers, like Firefox and Mozilla, in addition to Internet Explorer with any computer operating system.

“InSite One continues to expand InDex services to create a systemic solution for the growing archives in the healthcare enterprise,” Goldburgh said.