Integrated RIS/PACS set to grow
The integration of radiology information systems (RIS) with PACS has rapidly become a defining trend in the European RIS market, according to Frost & Sullivan. The consulting firm found that the market was worth $125 million in 2006 and is expected to increase to $181 million by 2013.

According to research analyst Ranjit Ravindranathan “Demand from healthcare IT customers reveals a distinct preference for RIS/PACS integration. Radiology information system sales in conjunction with PACS are, therefore, a major and growing segment of the RIS market.”

On the whole, the market is set to experience a steady rate of growth as a result of large-scale investments in bundled product offerings and initiatives by governments of the various European countries. The market is offering a great opportunity for those who can provide customized solutions that interface effortlessly with the various modules that occur during the normal flow of work.