IntraOp Medical promotes Optimal Boost approach for breast cancer treatment
IntraOp Medical, a provider of technology solutions for cancer treatment, has introduced the Optimal Boost approach to breast cancer treatment, administered by its product, Mobetron.
Mobetron is a portable, self-shielding electron-beam linear accelerator that delivers intraoperative electron-beam radiation therapy directly to the tumor bed once a cancerous growth has been removed during surgery. The Optimal Boost method applies a high dosage of radiation to the tumor bed at the time of lumpectomy followed by traditional post-operative radiation therapy.

The approach was used in a recent nonrandomized study of ipsilateral (same) breast tumor recurrence in 378 patients with invasive breast cancer at the Breast Center Salzburg in University Hospital Salzburg, Austria.
Patients were divided into two groups; 188 patients received only traditional postoperative radiotherapy to the entire breast and 190 patients received intraoperative radiation therapy (an Optimal Boost) in addition to post-operative radiation therapy. The patients were comparable with regard to age, menopausal status, tumor size, histological type, grading and axillary lymph node status, according to the company.
IntraOp reported that for the first group (188), there were 12 cases of ipsilateral breast tumor recurrences and none in the second group after 51 months. In the first group, there were 24 cases of distant (outside of the breast) recurrences and only 8 instances in the second group. The five-year disease free survival rates were 90.9 percent for the first group and 95.8 percent for the second group.
According to the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based IntraOp, these results show promise for survival rates, since numerous studies show that treatment techniques that increase local control for breast cancer patients at five years will also have a positive impact on patient survival.