Japan uses 3D x-ray radiation to treat tumors for the first time
University of Tokyo Hospital recently treated its first patients with Elekta Synergy, becoming the first hospital in Japan to use advanced, 3D x-ray volume image-guided radiation therapy to irradiate cancer tumors.

The advanced treatment system for intensity modulated and image guided radiation therapy (IMRT and IGRT), was first used by Japanese radiation oncologists to treat a patient with a lung tumor. Doctors had harnessed Elekta Synergy’s imaging capabilities of x-ray volume imaging (XVI).

“It was surprising to localize the tumor so efficiently and easily with the XVI functionality,” said Keiichi Nakagawa, MD, associate professor, department of radiology at University of Tokyo Hospital. “A few days later, we used Elekta Synergy and XVI to image a neck sarcoma. Our therapists were very pleased to confirm by way of XVI that they had achieved a registration accuracy of less than 0.1 mm in all directions.”

With the XVI technology, University of Tokyo Hospital doctors will now be employing Elekta Synergy for tumors that demand precise localization before irradiation, such as those in the lung and head and neck, Nakagawa said.