Johns Hopkins installs Toshiba Infinix system
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and its Heart Institute are installing Toshiba America Medical Systems’ Infinix DP-i/FD2 imaging system. The facility will use the system for detailed peripheral vascular work and coronary studies.

The advantage of the Infinix Dual Plane system is having two independent flat panel detectors in the same room, one flat panel detector for coronary imaging and the other flat panel detector for vascular studies, Toshiba said.

The system is equipped with tableside dose management and provides 20 frames-per-second fluoroscopy setting, reducing the patient dose routinely by 25 percent without compromising image quality. Additionally, the system has a Windows-based operating system. Both the triple focus liquid-metal bearing tube for peripheral exams and the dual-focus tube for cardiac exams have a 3 million anode heat capacity.