KOM Networks offers file replication to storage management products
Storage management software provider KOM Networks this week announced the addition of file replication to its KOMworx suite of Storage Management offerings. File Replication enables organizations to maintain multiple copies of files concurrently on various storage devices, providing a higher level of business continuity and optimizing disaster recovery. One additional benefit is help with compliance to government regulations such as HIPAA, the company said.

KOMworx e-WORM++ combines the security of permanent write-once storage technologies with the performance and availability of hard disk arrays. e-WORM++ automates file replication process by significantly reducing replication time with virtually no impact on sever performance ensuring data is highly available. Files protected with e-WORM++ are stored and protected on hard disk and have an automatic replica maintained on write-once WORM storage, satisfying the most stringent compliance requirements.

The e-WORM++ technology provides two levels of automated file replication. First, it maintains multiple copies of a file on various hard disk storage resources. Secondly, KOMworx can replicate files to write-once (WORM) storage resources such as optical media.  

Benefits of KOMworx Replication technologies include:
  • Maximizing business continuity in the face of potential disaster;
  • Enabling compliance with regulatory requirements such as the SEC, HIPAA, SOX, FDA, Gramm-Leech-Bliley Act and NASD;
  • Protecting critical data and improving customer service;
  • Ensuring replica copies are made automatically; and
  • Minimizing the backup window, utilizing WORM permanence