Konica Minolta introduces Nano CR
Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA introduced the Regius Nano CR, a single-bay CR system, last week at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I. The system is engineered to make digital radiography more affordable in low-volume facilities and ancillary departments. Since about 60 percent of imaging is x-ray, the company designed a modular, high-volume unit to balance the workload. The goals were reliability and redundancy—if a critical component goes down, there is a backup.

With the market shifting to imaging centers and clinics, the need is still reliability, but with a smaller footprint. The scanner motor is unique in that there is no friction, reducing the chance of mechanical problems. Although the Nano CR uses the same cassettes and plates as its other systems, this unit is 40 percent lighter and uses 60 percent fewer parts.

Also helping with reliability are customer maintenance features for reduced need for service calls. The cassette release handle allows users to easily access the inside of the reader to remove a trapped cassette. It also comes with an optics sweeper, which enables the user to easily clean the dust that may accumulate on the optical unit, also eliminating the need for a service call.

The Reguis Nano CR comes in two models – Nano-X and Nano-Q. The Nano-X uses the same user interface as the Xpress CR that provides sophisticated software tools for superior image quality and customization while requiring fewer steps to complete an exam. The Nano-Q uses the same intelligent and automated software in IQue CR to minimize user training requirements while delivering consistently high-quality images.

Company reps reported that MD Buyline has ranked Konica Minolta as the number one CR manufacturer based on overall user satisfaction, including system performance, reliability and implementation, honors the company has received for the past eight consecutive quarters.
Konica Minolta also showcased its DRYPRO 832, its smallest medical laser film imager.  It delivers excellent image quality combined with compact size, performance and efficiency. The Drypro 832 takes up less than four square feet of table or floor space.

The company also introduced a new software upgrade for the Regius Xpress CR that enhances clinical versatility while providing more accurate and useful QA/QC tools for the administrator. Software version 2.21R01 will support the use of a 17-inch monitor, which provides higher resolution images at a fixed resolution of 1280 x 1024. This larger viewing screen serves as a more accurate QA tool while aiding technologists with identifying patient movement.