Konica Minolta Medical Imaging
Konica Minolta Medical Imaging (Booth 3409) is showcasing the availability of its Xpress CR Contact Mammography Upgrade in Canada. It is currently a works in progress in the U.S. At press time, approval was anticipated in October, prior to showtime. By intelligently recognizing cassette types, the Xpress CR system delivers both digital radiology and digital mammography solutions with one easy-to-use, cost-effective solution, the company says. At the heart of this mammography upgrade solution is Konica Minolta’s exclusive Ultra High Resolution 43.75 um pixel size.

Specialized image acquisition and processing tools include advanced skin line detection and chest wall masking. Image acquisition presets, or examination tags, define many image details such as scanning and output destinations. A CR Control Station Memory upgrade ensures ample resources to handle the large data sets and additional image detail found in mammography images acquired on the Konica Minolta Xpress CR Mammography solution.

The company also is featuring its REGIUS Digital Imaging Suite, which offers a digital radiography solution with the flexibility of a combined DR and CR, as well as the Image Pilot CR System, which simplifies image acquisition with AutoPilot Imaging Processing.