Konica Minolta updates REGIUS CR; unveils Blue Moon line
Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA released the latest software for the REGIUS Xpress CR system. The new features are geared to providing a more efficient workflow by allowing technologists to easily append studies, search patient history and images, image zoom for quality assurance at the console and filter lists to adjust study parameters. The changes are in line with the company’s dedication to innovating CR technology that maximizes workflow. The Study Append feature lets users reopen a completed study to add images even after it has been approved and sent to history. The new Study List Filter lets a technologist filter the active list by hospital department, patient location or unit, and exam room and date. The Image Zoom feature helps technologists identify patient movement which often leads to image artifacts. Other new features include image inversion, screen output queue and output of series description to PACS.

Konica Minolta also released a new line of Lifecycle Products at RSNA 2006. Designed to lengthen, strengthen and enhance the performance of Konica Minolta’s CR products, the new brand is called Blue Moon. There are three levels, dubbed Blue moon Tradition, Blue moon Select and Blue Moon Elite. The features offered include software upgrades, cassette and repair benefits and on-demand configuration changes. Blue Moon also provides comprehensive system protection extending from preventive maintenance to disaster response.

Already known as offering the most reliable CR products, Konica Minolta now provides a full range of services to fully protect a facility’s investment for now and into the future.