Maccabi brings its healthcare services platform worldwide
Israeli HMO Maccabi Healthcare Services is making its technology-driven Health Value Added Knowledge Base, currently used to manage over 30 million patient-HMO interactions annually among its 1.7 million members — available for adoption by HMOs worldwide. The company’s Health Value Added Patient Care Knowledge Base enables HMOs to harness the power of HIT (healthcare information technology) to achieve unprecedented levels of excellence in medicine quality, cost containment and service delivery. Maccabi made its HIMSS debut at last week’s conference in New Orleans.

Health Value Added Patient Care Knowledge Base is a HIT strategic management solution that enables HMOs to measure quality of care, improve budgeting, and analyze patient medical data. HMO health practitioners are able to edit and view patient information in real-time, subject to confidentiality safeguards, while HMO management can analyze macro-data to improve business efficiency and track medical trends, the company said.

The system includes characterization, change management education, implementation guidance and comprehensive follow-up. Client organizations can elect to use Maccabi's integrated IT platform or transfer its principles and methodology to their own IT system.