Mammography Reporting System
Mammography Reporting System (Booth 3605) is showcasing three new products— SMaRT Scheduling, MRS Secured Access and MRS Quest—that combine for paperless workflow at RSNA 2008.
The MRS Scheduling Matrix and Resource Tracker or SMaRT schedules patients and ensures that all equipment, rooms and staff needed for each appointment are available. The SMaRT Scheduler operates on an unlimited matrix that allows every resource in a practice on its system.
MRS Secured Access allows a practice to put patient results on the internet in a secure system that's fully HIPAA compliant. The technology improves on existing email patient communication because MRS Secured Access is web based with a unique registration procedure and monitoring system.
Patient results are secured with passwords and security questions. Once patients access the site, a practice can monitor their usage and track when their letter is opened. If a patient does not view his or her report online, MRS will send that report back to the system for conventional mailing.
MRS Quest allows patients to enter all of their demographic information directly into a digital tablet.  It takes out any chance of staff data entry errors and keeps workflow paperless. MRS Quest has a special security feature that keeps anyone else from accessing patient information by asking the patient to answer a very specific question about their history before they can even access the digital history.
Once they've begun, the patient history that has already been entered into the MRS system never has to be re-entered. If there are changes, the patient can make those with a simple tap on the tablet.  Testing has shown that using Quest cuts the patient history entry time in half, increasing the efficiency of workflow and saving paper, the company says.