Markle updates its HIE Common Framework
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The Markle Foundation has published an addendum to its 2006 Markle Connecting for Health Common Framework for Private and Secure Health Information Exchange (Markle Common Framework), updating a range of issues with information gleaned from the rapid changes made on the health IT front over the past few years.

The Markle Common Framework includes a set of foundational policy and technology guides published in 2006. Policies in Practice was published in April to further specify these foundational documents and address a range of critical health information sharing implementation needs identified by experts working in the field, according to the New York City-based collaborative.

The addendum was developed through a collaborative process by a diverse group of healthcare leaders with hands-on experience implementing health information sharing efforts, including state health IT leaders, legal experts, technology experts and consumer representatives, the group said. Policies in Practice address the following areas:

  • Key Laws and Regulations: Changes Relevant to the Markle Common Framework. Highlights modifications to relevant privacy laws over the last five years and addresses them in the targeted policy areas of the Markle Common Framework.
  • Consent: Implementing the Individual Participation and Control Principle in Health Information Sharing. Provides context for implementing the privacy principle of Individual Participation and Control and suggests ways for health information sharing efforts to establish their own policies and best practices.
  • Individual Access: Connecting Patients with Their Health Information. Identifies and specifies opportunities for addressing individual access and engagement in relation to health information sharing.
  • Governance of Health Information Sharing Efforts: Achieving Trust and Interoperability with Meaningful Consumer Participation. Clarifies the objectives of governance, detailing attributes of governance processes and providing specific guidance with respect to the role of consumers.
  • Policy-Aware Procurement Strategies and Practices: Asking the Right Questions and Reaching the Right Answers. Details important elements to apply in technology procurement efforts, so that required policies are part of the acquisition and implementation of technology.
  • Mechanisms for Oversight, Accountability, and Enforcement: The Model Contract Update and More. Identifies issues and decisions for data-sharing agreements and other policy development related to oversight and accountability, and updates the Model Contract resources, M-1 and M-2, in the context of new federal and state laws and implementation requirements.

Find more information on the Markle Foundation's website.