Medicalis offers decision support, preauthorization help
Medicalis Corporation highlighted upgraded capabilities for the management of preauthorization requests for Radiology Benefits Management (RBM) programs last week at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I. Medicalis is the developer of Percipio radiology solutions which provide clinical decision support and order entry applications that improve the quality, efficiency and utilization of diagnostic imaging. 

Percipio RBM solutions help physician offices and radiology groups manage the complexities of preauthorization programs and provide capabilities such as notification of preauthorization requirements, management of multiple program requirements and exceptions, and automation of pre-authorization requests.

Integrated radiology decision support and preauthorization are two hot topics for physicians, imaging centers and hospitals. In many states, physicians are required to get preauthorization. Medicalis solutions allow physicians to have a clinical conversation to determine the appropriate exam while placing an order so they can get in context advice. This can eliminate their need to make phone calls. The goal is making the preauthorization process as easy as possible for physicians. Since most best practices take 3 to 7 years to be integrated into daily routine, Medicalis is delivering best practices to physicians on a shorter timeline.