Medipattern displays seven B-CAD products
Medipattern announced seven B-CAD products and showed B-CAD V1 for the U.S. market and B-CAD V2 for sale outside the United States at the 93rd scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) last month in Chicago.

The seven new products include six versions of B-CAD for breast ultrasound imaging and one version for breast MRI. B-CAD solutions are designed to save time, increase consistency in reading and document information in greater detail, providing a better record for tracking patients.

GE Healthcare demonstrated Medipattern’s B-CAD integrated with its ViewPoint ultrasound workstation product line. The solution receives images from the network, allows the physician to review them, runs CAD on the images and automatically creates the B-CAD standardized report using the American College of Radiology (ACR) BI-RADS lexicon. ViewPoint can automatically post the completed reports directly onto the RIS, which, in turn, triggers patient follow-up visits, scheduling and billing.

Carestream Health showed B-CAD for the U.S. market with its Carestream PACS solutions. B-CAD is integrated into Carestream PACS via the Cedara C4 plug-in module. The radiologist clicks on the case to transfer the images into B-CAD to read, with the benefit of CAD, and report on the case.

Sectra highlighted B-CAD using an integrated B-CAD Sectra plug-in module on its multimodality women’s health IDS5 workstation. The case is automatically transferred from the review module to the CAD module for the radiologist to read breast ultrasound with the benefit of CAD. Completed reports are saved in the Sectra archive.

Cedara Software demonstrated the B-CAD V1 C4 plug-in module as part of its I-Read Mammo workstation. Patient images are transferred directly to CAD on this multi-modality workstation, which creates the report for storage and dissemination throughout the healthcare facility.

Confirma showcased B-CADMRI as part of the CADstream 5.0 release. It combines the B-CADMRI’s morphology library with Confirma’s kinetic CAD. CADstream 5.0 brings together the strengths of kinetic and morphological analysis to create a more robust method for distinguishing between “probably benign” or “probably malignant” features.

SonoCiné displayed a work in progress utilizing B-CAD on 3D breast ultrasound imaging, including the combination of detection and diagnosis. B-CAD automatically detects lesions using SonoCiné’s whole breast ultrasound imaging technology. One of the key issues in whole breast ultrasound is the volume of data generated by the procedure. B-CAD organizes this mass of data and easily detects areas that require review so the radiologist can move efficiently through the data set.

Among the new products, the B-CAD 1.2.1 turn-key solution includes a DICOM network-ready PC with a B-CAD viewer and CAD reporting system. It reads the images in cine loops, automatically detecting and characterizing lesions. CAD results are reviewed by the radiologist, who can edit them. B-CAD then automatically enters all of the evidence and findings into a natural language report. B-CAD 1.2.1 also is available in a software format for loading onto existing equipment.

Available outside the United States is B-CAD 2.2 in two formats: as a software product intended for Medipattern’s resellers to load onto workstations; and as a plug-in module for the Sectra IDS5 workstation. B-CAD 2.2 electronically analyzes breast masses using all of the American College of Radiology’s BI-RADS (breast imaging reporting and data system) feature categories: size, shape, orientation, margin, lesion boundary, echo pattern, post-acoustic features, and calcification in masses.