Molecular Imaging: Ultrasound
Molecular Imaging: Ultrasound

Monday, Nov. 29, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Speakers are presenting six studies related to ultrasound in molecular imaging, including:
•    Contrast-enhanced ultrasound for evaluation of anti-angiogenic treatment;
•    In vivo ultrasound-mediated gene delivery;
•    Use of targeted and coated microbubbles to characterize breast cancer xenografts;
•    Ultrasound contrast monitoring of tumor vasculature;
•    Carotid plaque imaging; and
•    Temporal tumor angiogenic marker assessment.

Speaker Information is:
  • King C. Li, MD, director of molecular imaging program, Methodist Hospital in Houston; and
  • Robert Frederick Mattrey, MD, professor of radiology, University of California, San Diego.