NAI Tech releases new speech packages, software apps
NAI Tech Products has upgraded a version of its software for the MDR Video solution, version 6.0, as well as four new MDR Video Speech Packages.

The updated software features include the ability to record and playback synchronized audio through an external monitor or touchscreen and burn video clips with audio to CD/DVD/USB media to be sent to the PACS in DICOM format. The software can also encrypt image and audio data on CD/DVD/USB media using DICOM compliant AES-256 encryption, explained the Auburn, Calif.-based company.

NAI Tech said that the video speech packages are designed for recording of modified barium swallow studies and all four packages come with V.6.0 software, as wells as a microphone and touch screen monitor with speakers for recording and playback of video with synchronized audio. The packages also include a keyboard with programmable function keys that allow images to be labeled with text overlays to identify consistency of the swallowed substance, said the company.