NDS Surgical enhances PrimeVue product line
NDS debuted a wider display for its PrimeVue product line with a 30-inch 4MP DICOM unit and showcased an updated version of PrimeVue 21-inch 3MP during the 93rd annual meeting of RSNA. Both displays handle greyscale and color images, have seven look-up tables (LUTs), 12-bit precision, and compatibility with any dual-link commercial graphics card.

“The response has not been for the reading room,” said Ken Compton, radiology product manager. “We have had a positive response from attendees primarily for use in cross section display for the OR because of the size and the lack of bezel gap.”

According to Compton, users can gain access to the display LUTs through the company's MD-Cal 4.0 software. He said the Integrity Network QC software monitors and logs display performance at a central location, and provide status and log table format viewing, email triggers, and user-definable cycle times between verifications.

When asked what the future held for displays, Compton said he is seeing the “shift from monochrome to color happening now—it is being driven by all the color enhancement software currently available.” He also said that color technology is finally coming up in brightness compared to monochrome. “We are looking at color displays in the 600-700 candelas range—finally color is coming to a point where it can match monochrome.”