NeoTool launches web-based management console
NeoTool, a healthcare integration software, consulting and training company, has introduced the NeoIntegrate Management Console, a web-based management console addition to its interface engine, NeoIntegrate 3.2.

The application allows healthcare IT system administrators to centralize control in certain areas or delegate management and/or monitoring of certain interfaces to various departments, according to the Plano, Texas-based company.

NeoTool said that with specific user roles in place, IT departments have the security in allowing the most appropriate users access to the interface environment based on the organization’s business rules and operating guidelines. In addition, the management console’s user profiles allow for assigned permissions in viewing and accessing certain data elements such as workflow logic, data transformations and communication connections.

The company said its management console features multiple graphical views, which allows user-modifiable views that  can monitor queue depths, idle time, active alerts and message status in real-time.