NeoTool optimizes clinical data exchanges with NeoIntegrate
NeoTool showcased its latest version of NeoIntegrate at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

The company said the latest release offers testing features, such as new loading options that allow users to load test files as a single, unparsed message, as a file of messages, or as an individual message. In addition, the new test message manager offers testing of messages without the requirement to create customized files. Users can select messages in a file or folder for testing and store remaining messages for future use.

With the addition of action list call functionality, the company said its interface analysts configure re-usable subsets of data logic and mapping. NeoIntegrate’s code translation features provides the capability to productively address the varying code sets that are sent and received from diverse providers within a healthcare community. Mappings are now implemented and maintained within NeoIntegrate’s configuration settings with no more manual look-up.

Using NeoIntegrate, users can configure interfaces, build data logic and ensure high quality with built-in testing capabilities. NeoIntegrate works productively with various data formats including HL7, XML and CSV, according to the Plano, Texas-based NeoTool.