New Products: AMIRSYS, CIVCO, NovaRad
AMIRSYS announced the addition of STATdx Imaging Anatomy Module to STATdx. STATdx is a point-of-care, clinical decision support system for imaging. The Imaging Anatomy Module is designed to allow radiologists, while researching differential diagnoses, to access seamlessly all relevant imaging anatomy and to determine the critical anatomic context of a specific diagnosis.

CIVCO Medical Solutions introduced the Couchtop for Elekta Precise and Synergy image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system bases. It is manufactured from low-profile carbon fiber, making it radiation-friendly for treatment planning. This couchtop comes standard with a grid panel, Type-S Head extension, and Elekta Synergy basic calibration kit mount. It replaces the existing metal C-Arm table frame, with a carbon fiber couchtop, eliminating the metal frame that limits your treatment fields, and helps with accurate patient positioning with the use of the 2-pin Lok-Bar along with MEDTEC and SINMED patient-positioning devices.

Also, CIVCO introduced a one-piece disposable needle guide for use with GE Healthcare’s BE9-C transducers on the LOGIQ S6, LOGIQ 3, LOGIQ 5, and LOGIQ 7 ultrasound systems. And the company released five needle guidance systems for use with Philips transducers. The Ergo C5-2, C6-3, V6-2, V8-4, and X3-1 multi-angle needle guidance systems are designed to work in conjunction with biopsy software on Philips HD11, iU22, and EnVisor ultrasound platforms.

NovaRad released NovaPACS 6.5 with additional administration console tool features for better sorting, reporting, and information gathering and viewing. For referring physicians, the Referring Physician Specialist Viewer provides a complete toolset available on PACS workstations. This latest version also provides NovaRad with the ability to monitor the NovaPACS installation in real time to help enhance its support capabilities. Also offered is a CD/DVD publisher/printer, stat reads, and enhanced ability for the PACS to support multiple site codes.