New products: CPU Medical Management Systems, Motion Computing
CPU Medical Management Systems released its Claims Tracking module as an addition to the company’s MED/FM 6.1 practice management software. The new Claims Tracking module is designed to increase productivity by tracking claims, performing various actions without human intervention, and automatically assigning claims to specific collectors.

The module automatically classifies claims into one of four types: delinquent, denied, underpaid, or claims requiring follow-up. This allows insurance follow-up staff to access and work with claims in a logical, focused work list. Each classification can then be assigned a predefined set of actions based on the EOB or remark codes, including sending a letter to a patient, writing-off the charge, and releasing the claim to the guarantor.

Result codes track and report the actions collectors perform for each charge, such as changing the claims classification, resubmitting the claim, changing charge data, sending statements or letters, and assigning the claim to the Collection module.

CPU designed new reports to help managers track operator productivity and understand where efforts have been made and where action is still required.

London-based Motion Computing unveiled the LE1700, a new slate tablet PC. The LE1700 integrates the latest technologies aimed at enhancing productivity of mobile professionals in healthcare, field sales and service, government and hospitality, among others. New technologies include Motion's WriteTouch display option for dual-mode writing and touch-screen input; wireless wide area network (WWAN) integration; the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system; and Intel Core 2 Duo mobile technology.