New Products from EDDA, Philips, Thinking Systems
EDDA Technology has released its IQQA-Chest software V2.0 featuring an enterprise CAD system for digital x-ray. The FDA-cleared system offers real-time interactive diagnostic analysis of digital chest x-rays using a comprehensive set of tools to support radiologists in their identification, confirmation and quantification of lung nodules. IQQA-Chest has clinically demonstrated an ability to improve radiologists' detection of small lung nodules (5-15mm) up to 85 percent, the company said.

Royal Philips Electronics announced today that its Medical Systems division is introducing the Philips asset tracking system for locating hospital assets and improving efficiencies. Using Wi-Fi-based technology by AeroScout Inc., the asset tracking system is tailored for 802.11 wireless infrastructures. The Philips asset tracking solution utilizes technology that includes wireless tags, a location engine, and the MobileView user interface. The tags, which can be attached to most mobile assets, transmit to a hospital’s existing 802.11 wireless infrastructure. This information is fed into the location engine and the asset’s position can then be portrayed on a map, or in a table or report format for any networked hospital user. 

Thinking Systems announced a new plug-in for Philips/Stentor’s iSite PACS. This plug-in was independently developed utilizing iSite’s open API (Application Interface). The new offering will provide comprehensive third-party PACS capabilities to iSite users for all modalities, including PET/SPECT-CT fusion, nuclear cardiology processing and quantification analysis, general nuclear medicine processing and review, PET cardiac analysis, PET brain analysis, 3D/MPR, calcium scoring, cardiac CTA, orthopedic templating, echocardiography, general ultrasound, cardiac catheterization and angiography. The integrated platform enables enterprise-wide access to these modalities with cutting edge clinical applications.