NightRays brings streaming video to rad dictation
CHICAGO—At the 2008 RSNA annual meeting, Houston-based teleradiology provider NightRays launched VidRay, a software program that enables a radiologist to create an audio/video consult during a dictation session.

VidRay is currently available to clients using NightRays’ RIS, according to Greg Rose, MD, CEO of NightRays. He told Health Imaging News that during a dictation session, a radiologist can toggle between the usual dictation and VidRay to capture an audio/video recording of crucial study findings, which is then saved in the report. When the clinician reviews the report and images, he or she can also play the audio/video file as a streaming video of the critical images with scrolling and mouse pointing, along with audio commentary from the radiologist—all launched from patient entry in the RIS.

“This is really designed for the more complicated cases which might need more explanation,” Rose said. “Using streaming video to explain findings of importance in your report has the potential to minimize, if not eliminate workflow interruptions for a radiologist.”

Rose, who developed and programmed the software, said that he plans to roll out expanded software capabilities of VidRay in 2009, with an alternate version that may be integrated with other RIS than NightRays, with an integrated filing system for storing VidRay recordings by category.

“VidRay provides diagnostic imaging personnel and clinicians a faster and easier way to interpret complicated or involved reads and information needed to reduce potential contradictions,” Stone added.