Novarad offers RIS and PACS enhancements
Novarad highlighted its PACS and RIS upgrades at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., last week. The NovaPACS 6.6 offers embedded MIP (maximum intensity projection) and MPR (multiplanar reconstruction) tools to build and view 3D images directly from the PACS workstation. Most hospitals are getting multislice data for their CT angiography studies and to use the technology to its full advantage, they need to be doing MIPs and MPRs. The tools eliminate the need for radiologists to do post-processing reconstructions from the modalities and for technologists to redo reconstructions specified by the radiologists. Radiologists can now quickly reconstruct any study they want in any format they want right from NovaPACS.

Biopod, a HIPAA-compliant fingerprint touch login solution is now available for NovaPACS and its companion radiology information system, NovaRIS. The secure touch login eliminates the need for passwords and frees IT department personnel from the time-consuming tasks of managing password requests and changes.

Version 6.2 of the company’s RIS features enhancements for reports, billing and mammography tracking.