NovaRad updates NovaPACS and NovaRIS
Dec. 7 – NovaRad launched NovaPACS 7.0 and NovaRIS 7.0 at the 93rd scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last week.

Tighter integration between the systems offers enhanced image access and scheduling/billing/process management for radiologists and administrative staff. New NovaRIS features include in-patient scheduling, a “quick order” wizard and increased menu customization options. NovaRIS 7.0 incorporates enhanced data mining and reporting capabilities and provides pre-failure alerts.

In addition, updates can be installed with a single click. New NovaPACS features include split/merge study options, multiple site codes, better spine labeling, audio alerts, foot pedal for transcription, enhanced integration between the PACS and dictation software and increased menu customization options.

Additional enhancements include an improved information NovaCentral support “command center” for real-time remote monitoring and referring physician features in NovaPACS to enhance image reading efficiency. NovaRIS runs on the same open-source platform as NovaPACS to ensure seamless integration between the two systems. The latest version is also available in Spanish.