Numbers in the news

As a writer, I hate to admit it, but sometimes words get in the way. I decided to try a different approach to this week’s top imaging news and share a few numbers and images instead.


75% - CT screen-detected lung cancers categorized as aggressive

    See: Lung cancer overdiagnosis may be overinflated

6 - Radiologists’ ranking among medical specialists in the number of closed malpractice claims in which they were defendants

    See: Myth busted: Communication glitches not top cause of radiology malpractice suits

3.4 – points (out of 100) separating the top- and bottom-ranked 1.5T MR systems

    See: KLAS: Coils + comfort drive the MR market

1/3 – ED providers with accurate knowledge of lifetime cancer risk attributable to commonly performed CT scans

    See: AJR: Less than 1/3 of providers understand CT dose risks

98%- sensitivity of pediatric positive elbow ultrasound results for fracture

    See: No X-ray needed: Ultrasound effective at screening for pediatric elbow fractures

9 - Photos in Health Imaging’s One Last Look at RSNA 2012 slide show


If you have any numbers or images to share, please let me know.

Lisa Fratt, editor