OnePacs touts free web-based PACS
OnePacs, a provider of diagnostic radiology IT solutions, introduced a fully functional, free version of its OnePacs web-enabled PACS system at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiologic Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.

By making its PACS available at no cost, OnePacs said it is seeking to entice clients across the United States to consider deploying OnePacs at their facilities, either as a stand-alone PACS system, or as a means to expand the functionality of their existing PACS solutions. The OnePacs system is designed to function either as a stand-alone PACS, or as a tool to integrate studies from multiple PACS systems or facilities into a single centrally managed web-deployed worklist.

The Wilmington, Del.-based company said its PACS features of its free version of OnePacs include web-enabled PACS functionality, a unified worklist for studies from multiple PACS systems or multiple facilities and a web-based DICOM study viewer. Worklist coordination and collaboration tools are available to permit distribution of cases to multiple readers in different locations. Report generation and distribution technologies permit customization of report appearance, inclusion of images in reports and distribution of reports to referring physicians in a HIPAA-compliant fashion. It also includes features, such as limited clinician accounts, which allow referring physicians to log in to OnePacs to review reports for patients that they referred, or to use the web-based DICOM viewer.