Partnerships: Agfa & Medseek; iCAD & Viatronix
Agfa HealthCare has launched a new enterprise IT business unit and formed a strategic alliance to advance system interoperability and enterprise-wide access to clinical information, with MEDSEEK, a leading provider of enterprise e-health solutions. Agfa HealthCare will build on its strong market position in North America to expand its position in the enterprise HIS/CIS market and selling its Enterprise Clinical Dashboard incorporating MEDSEEK’s eConnect Clinical Portal.

The dashboard allows organizations to increase the efficiency and the quality of patient care in their facilities by providing physicians fast and easy access to a wide range of clinical information. It links existing clinical systems and provides intuitive views of clinical information adding value to legacy systems. Utilizing the Enterprise Clinical Dashboard’s integration engine, clinicians can access clinical data from disparate systems through a single sign-on to one unified view.

“As leaders in healthcare IT, we have a mission to accelerate enterprise-wide interoperability in healthcare,” said Stuart Long, executive director, Enterprise IT Solutions, North America. “As hospitals across the country are increasingly recognizing the benefits of real-time access to information for better decision-making and improved communications, we need additional solutions such as the Clinical Dashboard to broaden our reach in enterprise IT. This partnership with MEDSEEK helps us to provide more value to our customers.”

Computer-Aided Detection technology developer iCAD has entered into a product integration and distribution agreement with Viatronix, a developer of diagnostic 3D imaging software. Specifically, Viatronix will incorporate iCAD's CAD technology with its virtual colonoscopy technology, to enhance the early detection and identification of polyps, which can be precursors to colon cancer.  Under the agreement, Viatronix will offer iCAD's computed tomography (CT) Colon CAD software for the identification of potential polyps in CT Colonography (CTC) examinations in conjunction with their V3D System for virtual colonoscopy. V3D-Colon allows physicians to interactively view the colon reconstructed from a CT scan, providing visualization of the inner surface that includes polyps and lesions. CT Colon from iCAD uses sophisticated image processing software to automatically identify polyps in CTC images. By integrating iCAD's solution, Viatronix will assist physicians in improving the accuracy, consistency and workflow during the reading process.