Partnerships: Array & Hologic; IBM and Convergence CT; Wayport & PanGo Networks
Array Corporation and Hologic have inked a supply agreement in which Array will provide a custom-built digitizer for the Hologic R2 Computer Aided Detection (CAD) mammography systems. The new digitizer incorporates advanced technology that takes the next generation of Hologic analog-to-digital CAD products to the highest end of the technical spectrum.
The Array laser film digitizer technology was developed for Hologic’s R2 DMax line of ImageChecker CAD and DigitalNow systems. This analog-to-digital mammography product line focuses on image processing and the display and interpretation of CAD marks through medical PACS using the DICOM standard.
The new 50-micron resolution scanner uses a noise-reducing system capable of penetrating films up to density OD4.4. The unit is designed to give radiologists the ability to discern subtle density differences in denser breasts, while not sacrificing the ability to visualize the skin line. It scans an 18 x 24 inch film at just under 30 seconds.

IBM and Convergence CT are jointly marketing clinical data warehousing products for the healthcare and life sciences industries. The new Clinical Data Warehouse will be based on the IBM Balanced Configuration Unit (BCU) for Linux and Convergence CT’s DB*FOCUS Clinical Data Warehouse technology. The two companies will also market a joint solution to life sciences companies (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device firms) based on longitudinal patient data and advanced analytics, and will continue to work together to develop of a variety of new technologies and products.

Wayport announced an agreement with PanGo Networks to distribute the PanGo enterprise asset tracking solution as part of the Wayport suite of products and services. The PanGo products provide an asset tracking and management capability to hospitals and healthcare management organizations that enables greater efficiency, cost savings and government regulation compliance (JCAHO). PanGo’s platform is agnostic to the underlying real-time location system (RTLS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, allowing for implementation into a wide variety of environments with existing RFID tags and other “location aware” devices. By utilizing a hospital's existing or planned wireless LAN, RTLS and RFID infrastructure, PanGo's medical RFID solutions can be deployed quickly and easily.