PatientKeeper deploys mobile charge capture system

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Physicians at the Samuel Bronfman Department of Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City are downloading patient lists from their mobile computing device and recording services immediately following the visit using PatientKeeper Inc.'s mobile charge capture system.
PatientKeeper's Charge Capture module automates billing. Key functionality provided by the wireless tool includes: two layers of rule-checking to ensure accurate bills; support for both inpatient and outpatient workflows; support for PDAs, tablets, and desktops; browser-based reporting and management tools for the billing staff; and the ability to tightly integrate with existing billing systems.
As its mobile computing platform, Mount Sinai can install additional PatientKeeper applications, including: Clinical Results; PatientKeeper Clinical Desktop; PatientKeeper Charge Capture; PatientKeeper Mobile Dictation; PatientKeeper ePrescription (Powered by DrFirst); and PatientKeeper Reference Library.