Pfizer to expand diabetes plant, creating 100 jobs
Pfizer has confirmed that it will proceed with the development of a new biological facility in Cork, Ireland, resulting in the creation of approximately 100 jobs.

The project, unveiled last year, will see the pharmaceutical company invest €190 million ($292.9 million), as part of its overall €353 million ($544 million) expansion at its Cork site. 
Pfizer employs approximately 2,300 people in Ireland at sites in Cork and Dublin, according to the Irish Times.

The new plant will manufacture biologics to be used in the treatment of cancer and diabetes. In a statement, Pfizer said the new facility will become a “center of excellence” for “process development and production” and will start operating in 2009.

Nat Ricciardi of Pfizer global manufacturing said the area of biotherapeutics is becoming increasingly important for the company. Biotherapeutics are molecule medicines based on proteins, peptides and antibodies. He said the new Cork facility was an important part of Pfizer's biologics strategy.

The new plant will make small quantities of products in development for phase 2 and 3 clinical trials. The new jobs are described as "high quality" positions and will be filled over the next three years, according to the Irish Times.