Philips highlights Eleva
Philips Medical Systems showcased the Eleva Experience for all of its radiography and fluoroscopy systems at the annual meeting of the Radiologic Society of North America (RSNA) last month in Chicago.

The standardized, intuitive user interface will be available in 2008 on MammoDiagnost DR, DigitalDiagnost and Practix Convenio DR, and is already available on Philips CR, Essenta DR, EasyDiagnost, MultiDiagnost and OmniDiagnost.

Philips also showed its wireless flat-panel detector for instant image display on Eleva workspots. The detector is for Philips’ DR rooms (DigitalDiagnost) and portable x-ray unit, the Practix Convenio DR which is a works in progress. The detector is appropriate for all radiography applications where flexibility of projections is required.

The Practix Convenio DR, its wireless, digital, portable x-ray device designed for increased efficiency in the OR, ER and ICU thanks to instant image access (less than 8 seconds) and wireless connectivity. The system allows for complete workflow at Convenio's Eleva workspot (HIS/RIS connectivity) from patient request to image archiving.

The DRF room solution combines high-quality DR and fluoroscopy in one room for increased room utilization. It uses Philips’ Unique image processing and DoseWise concept and allows for filmless and even cassette-less workflow for high throughput with Eleva Concept.

Eleva was developed with users, said Arne Helbig, director of field marketing for Philips. The company “better understands the requirements of a mixed environment,” he said. It’s MultiDiagnost is a market leader of which Philips is proud. “We are the only company that can do weight-bearing 3D studies,” he said, which is particularly good for orthopedic applications. Helbig said Philips’ MultiDiagnost and surgical C-arms were very successful this year.