Philips introduces HD15 ultrasound system

Royal Philips Electronics has added the HD15 ultrasound system to its HD ultrasound family of products.  

Advanced Philips technologies such as QLAB quantification software, XRES image processing and PureWave transducer crystal technology have been integrated into the HD15, according to Philips.

The company said that new Microfine EX focusing provides sharper images and improved tissue uniformity throughout the depth of field through application of new dynamic receive lens tuning with five times more focal points than previous generation systems. Tissue Specific Imaging presets and iSCAN one button image optimization can quickly provide clear images with little to no adjustment.

The system also has a broad suite of configurable patient reports and exam storage options, such as DVD-CD-R/RW, a USB drive and full DICOM capabilities. The HD15 contains active native data that allows clinicians to manipulate exam parameters and image settings even after the patient has left, Philips said.