Philips showcases products at European meeting
At the 2007 European Society of Cardiology Congress in Vienna, Austria, this week, Philips unveiled its HeartStart MRx monitor and defibrillator. Additionally, to demonstrate how to optimize timely diagnosis and treatment delivery, Philips highlighted its ultrasound transducer for live 3D transesophageal echocardiography (Live 3D TEE), its CT TrueView software and its Ambient Experience Cath Lab.

According to Philips, its HeartStart MRx monitor and defibrillator enable paramedics to transmit patient data from the ambulance to the hospital's emergency department and it can also integrate with the hospital's ECG management system, even in the cath lab.

For additional demonstrations, Philips focused on its Live 3D TEE, which provides unique views of the cardiac structure and function because the TEE probe enables 2D imaging as well as real-time 3D visualization of the heart, in particular the heart's valves. CT TrueView software is being promoted to bring CT data to the cath lab.

Lastly, the company highlighted its Philips Ambient Experience Cath Lab, designed to help heart patients feel more relaxed during the catheterization procedure by allowing them to individually choose a visual theme viewed on the LCD panels of the ceiling. In addition, colored lighting illuminates the walls and sounds represent the theme, according to Philips.