Philips uses open source tools for development
Philips Medical Systems has begun using CollabNet’s Enterprise Edition to connect geographically dispersed development teams, and to boost cross-team use of software assets, improve development efficiency, and decrease time to market. CollabNet’s open-source tool enables Philips to more effectively connect software developers organized in over 25 software engineering groups in more than 10 business lines on three continents.
 “As a multi-national organization, we manage globally distributed development resources for the Medical Imaging Platform program, the base of our products. Resources dispersed across three continents, in many teams, present a unique challenge,” said Jan Broekhuizen, program manager, Medical Imaging Platform at Philips. “Working with CollabNet’s development environment helps us accelerate time-to-market for products, effectively manage distributed development resources, and substantially improve the quality of the software components being developed.”

Philips Medical Systems had previously relied on conventional development platforms and tools that were not designed for use in heavily distributed teams.

By selecting CollabNet for its new collaborative software development infrastructure, Philips launched an initiative to introduce open source principles into its internal software development efforts. The open approach relies on product teams having full read-only access to the platform’s development information, such as source code and team communication. Increased transparency enables product teams to adapt to another team’s approach and to leverage its software assets, while requiring a well-defined framework of distributed ownership and control over software assets.

Adopting open source principles for the development of Medical Imaging Platform significantly altered the requirements for the development environment because it was necessary to allow easy yet secure and gated access to development information across the wide area network. Philips Medical Systems rolled-out CollabNet Enterprise Edition after a thorough review of the level of security and the managed services. The division also uses SubversionTM, an open-source version control system sponsored by CollabNet.