Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)

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Siemens Medical Solutions rolled out its new Sienet Cosmos PACS and showcased its Sienet integrated radiology suite product lines designed to address radiologists' varying environments and workflow. The five solution components integrated in the Sienet radiology suite are imaging workflow management, intelligent postprocessing of examination, integrated workplace, image data management and image distribution.

Sienet Cosmos features a fully integrated RIS component, Imaging Workflow Management, and is intended for large radiological practices and radiology departments in hospitals with exam needs of up to 100,000 images per year.

GE Healthcare showcased at SCAR 2004 its portfolio of information technology products for both radiology and cardiology.

Among the highlights were GE's Centricity Enterprise RIS/PACS and Centricity Enterprise PACS 2.1 with CA1000 Cardiologist Desktop (WIP). The RIS/PACS is GE's introductory offering in integrated systems and its key functionalities include a web-based reporting module incorporating embedded digital dictation and voice functions, single sign on and a new common user interface. The cardiology workstation, fully integrated with the Centricity PACS, is designed for image review in catheter and echo labs and includes cardiology measurement and analysis tools.

The company also showcased an example of an ergonomically designed radiologist reading station. GE provides consulting services for reading room design in areas such as furniture, lighting, sound and user mobility.

Additional GE IT product highlights included:

  • Centricity Enterprise PACS 2.0 with RA1000 Radiologist Desktop - GE's web-enabled picture archiving and communications system.

  • Centricity Enterprise Web - the PACS "companion" provides clinicians remote access to multi-specialty images and related data, such as radiology reports, cardiology reports and EKG waveforms.
  • Centricity RIS - GE's radiology information system provides order management, scheduling, image management, supply management and management reporting.
  • Centricity AW Suite - the diagnostic imaging tool offers quick access to volumetric review, volume rendering, three-dimensional (3D) endoluminal navigation and high-resolution multimedia export/filming options. This is the first time GE is transferring the advanced image processing capabilities of its clinical modalities to PACS users (provided the facility has GE scanners.)
  • Centricity Enterprise PACS 2.1 with RA1000 Radiologist Desktop (WIP) - Version 2.1 features works in progress advancements on the RA1000 workstation, including additional methods to facilitate communication across departments, common user interface and mammography workflow tools.
  • Centricity PACS RA1000 AW Suite - The tool merges Advantage workstation 3D, post processing and analysis software tools with Centricity PACS.
  • Centricity PACS RA1000 with voice command - The prototype increases user productivity by driving common mouse events  through voice command.
  • Centricity Web (PACS O.R.) workstation (WIP) - the prototype demonstrates how Centricity Web can be integrated in the surgical OR utilizing Microsoft GWindows and voice command technology.

Agfa Healthcare used SCAR as the launching pad for its new IMPAX ES for orthopedics, a pre-operative surgical planning system for PACS.

The system integrates Hectec's orthopedic surgical planning software, mediCAD, into Agfa's IMPAX OT3000 orthopedic workstation.

IMPAX ES for orthopedics is an orthopedic workstation that includes workflow tools for hip replacement, knee replacement, biometry, osteotomy and coxometry. It is an open system with the ability to import, display and archive DICOM images and features an extensive library of 12,000 templates from 42 manufacturers including hip, knee, elbow, hand, shoulder, osteotomy, pediatric, screws and nails templates. The system also offers magnification calibration of 1:1 and a biometry package.

Agfa also presented an educational session outlining the benefits of PACS in orthopedic pre-operative planning. David Pollock, MD, associate professor specializing in Joint Replacement and Adult Reconstruction, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center identified the list during field trials of Agfa's new IMPAX ES for Orthopedics. The rewards include:

  • Instant access - Orthopedic surgeons can use one workstation to access images and patient history to receive more information