Plasmon introduces enterprise-class archive solution
Plasmon has released NetArchive, an enterprise-class archive solution that blends online and long-term storage archive architectures with bundled data management software to provide data integrity, longevity and disaster recovery.

The Cambridge, England-based Plasmon said its NetArchive is a combination of technologies that recognizes that different data classes have unique requirements for access, e-discovery and longevity. NetArchive integrates NetApp Raid technologies with Plasmon’s Archive Appliance and data management software to allow customers to provision data within NetArchive according to its unique storage requirements, the company said. 

NetArchive is an integrated solution that provides immediate access to critical data via RAID storage, and a long-term, energy-efficient copy on Plasmon’s Archive Appliance, according to Plasmon. By provisioning data to NetArchive, the company also said that data can be moved between Raid and the Archive Appliance via automated policy management software, reducing the complexity of managing archives.