RADI launches updated pressure sensing guidewire
RADI Medical Systems has released improvements to its latest generation pressure sensing guidewire, PressureWire Certus, which will begin shipments immediately. 

The latest generation of the PressureWire Certus features a new ergonomically designed proximal connector which provides three key advantages for physicians, according to the Wilmington, Mass.-based RADI. The new large entry funnel allows for wire reconnection into the proximal connector, while also exhibiting less insertion friction.

Additionally, the new locking cap provides positive reinforcement when the wire and the connector are locked in place via a user intuitive on and off twist function, RADI said.

The company said its PressureWire Certus is used in the assessment of Fractional Flow Reserve, which expresses the maximum achievable blood flow in a coronary artery with abnormal stenosis as a fraction of maximum blood flow in the absence of a stenosis.