RADinfo finds nitch in low-cost PACS and affordable cardiology image management tools
Lots of smaller enterprises, imaging centers, and small physician practices just can’t afford the systems put out by large medical technology vendors, and RADinfo Systems is offering a more thrifty-minded alternative. Seeing an area for growth, the company headed to annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology this week in Atlanta with a number of its smaller, yes simpler, PACS which have application in both radiology and also cardiology.
RADinfo showcased its Micro PowerPACS which it calls “low cost PACS in a box.” This scalable image management system, though more affordable, still offers users to acquire, archive, view, distribute and manage DICOM images, the company said.

Micro PowerPACS also supports the use of DICOM modality worklist for the registration or retrieval of patient demographic information from a RIS or HIS.
On the cardiology front, the company highlighted its PowerPACS for Cardiology which includes a DICOM server and a NAS 8 Terabyte power archive storage capability. Images can be burned on DVD to send with patients for on-demand review. The system was introduced in October 2005 and has been installed at four facilities.