RCG HealthCare Consulting offers service to reduce CT radiation exposure
RCG HealthCare Consulting has launched RadPOPS-CT, a service to reduce radiation dosage for patients undergoing CT exams. The service assesses current CT exam practices and protocols, develops a baseline radiation exposure profile, delivers new, optimized CT protocols proven to markedly reduce patient dose, provides training and support for technologists and radiologists, and monitors periodic dosage results to identify further opportunities for refining the overall process.

The desire to reduce patient radiation dosage in CT is rising considering the significant CT radiation burden to the population, according to Giles Boland, MD, vice chairman of radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and RCG senior consultant and board member. “This desire has emerged due to the increasing and important role of CT exams in patient care.”

This announcement coincided with an article published Thursday in edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, which reported that “one-third of all CT scans done right now are medically unnecessary” and that “overuse of diagnostic CT scans may cause as many as 3 million excess cancers in the U.S. over the next two to three decades.”

According to RGC HealthCare, MGH has not only successfully lowered radiation dosage for the last 10 years through optimization of CT protocols, but has also developed comprehensive guidelines to assure clinically appropriate exam utilization.