Regional HIE Strategies that Accelerate Statewide Exchange
Monday, Feb. 21, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Existing regional health information exchanges (HIEs) play a major role in advancing statewide exchange. CareSpark and BHIX discuss how their experience, political influence, policies and architecture have been leveraged by their states.

Speaker Information:
  • Irene Koch, JD, Executive Director, BHIE, Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX)
  • Randall Sermons, JD, Attorney, Randall E. Sermons, Attorney at Law

  • Identify how regional HIE success accelerates growth of a statewide exchange.
  • Employ a scalable, standards-based architecture to support ongoing statewide growth and evolution.
  • Develop strategies for governance and consent based on existing models that work.
  • Identify strategies to build a sustainable HIE with funding, subscription-based services and value-based reporting.
  • Outline federal activities to monitor priorities, policies and standards to ensure compliance and promote sustainability.