RSNA: Codonics offers image distribution solutions
Image documentation solution company Codonics demonstrated its portable modality storage appliances, the Infinity C and the Infinity LX, at the Radiological Society of North America's (RSNA) annual conference last week in Chicago.

The Infinity C and LX are image servers that allow physicians immediate access to the data, without taking up space on their PACS, explained Cristy Berg, director of communications at Codonics. She said that the systems allow for “quick access to data. Send it, retrieve it.”

Both Infinity systems allow Web-based viewing for physicians and also can be used as a quarantine archive for hospital and medical facilities. In addition, the Infinity C and the Infinity LX, with 2.7 and 7.7 terabytes of usable storage respectively, have expansion capabilities.

“If a facility finds in a year from now they need more [storage] they can add on, up to 12 terabytes,” said Berg.

Also showcased was the company's new medical disc importer, Integrity. Berg said the Integrity changes the way patient’s discs are imported.

“Integrity can read virtually any disc by the receptionist simply putting [the disc] in the machine and when it comes out, they know it has been read. The tech can then put the study directly on their workstation and when they are ready to scan, the data is there.  It really speeds up the process,” explained Berg.

Likewise, the Web-based disc importer does not require any additional software to run.