RSNA: Siemens highlights comprehensive portfolio
Siemens Healthcare debuted an array of imaging and informatics advances at the 97th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago Nov. 27 to Dec. 2.

Siemens Biograph mCT incorporates Siemens’ OptisoHD Detector System, which features a volumetric resolution of only 87 mm3,Time of Flight and High-Definition PET. Siemens Quanti•QC provides daily system normalization to calibrating and tune the system. SMART (Siemens Molecular & Anatomical Registration Technologies) provides attenuation correction and quantitative measurements. Currently under review by the FDA, the new Biograph mCT has an anticipated mid-2012 international market launch, Siemens said.

Pending FDA 510(k) clearance, Somatom Perspective CT system offers eMode software, which may potentially determine the best correlation between dose, efficiency and image quality.

Targeted to small and medium-sized hospitals, Siemens Multix Fusion x-ray system supports various clinical applications and includes a ceiling-mounted x-ray tube and bucky wall stand adopted from the Ysio system, a 660-pound capacity table and a 1.8-meter long telescopic column.

The company also launched the Acuson S3000, a premium ultrasound system pending FDA 510(k) clearance. Its eSie Fusion imaging works-in-progress enables the automatic fusion of 3D CT volumes with ultrasound. Another feature in development is Virtual Touch tissue IQ, which permits the simultaneous display of a color-coded tissue stiffness map and shear wave velocity measurements in a single image. Multi-modality review capabilities enable CT and/or MR images to be imported into the ultrasound system for side-by-side comparison.

On the informatics side, Siemens launched five mobile tools that help provide imaging specialists and referring physicians with access to diagnostic images and reports, both inside and outside the hospital:
  • syngo.via WebViewer supports 2D and 3D images from CT, MRI and secondary capture images and DICOM encapsulated PDFs. It allows physicians to read diagnostic images with a web browser on a diagnostic grade monitor and view general images for non-diagnostic purposes on a selection of mobile devices.
  • syngo.via WebReport provides access to reports and images anywhere.
  • syngo Workflow Mobile delivers RIS capabilities for technologists and radiologists to a variety of mobile devices.
  • syngo Dynamics Mobile allows cardiovascular imaging specialists to extend their access to image and report review to internet-enabled devices.
  • syngo.plaza virtualized brings the functionality and user interface of syngo.plaza to PC or Apple computers and mobile devices.