SCCM: Cleviprex controls blood pressure in two patient populations
The investigational agent Cleviprex (clevidipine butyrate injectable emulsion) achieved and maintained blood pressure control in patients with renal dysfunction and patients with acute heart failure, according to two new analyses from the Phase III trial VELOCITY-1 presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Clinical Care Medicine (SCCM).

The Medicines Company said the target blood pressure control was achieved with its Cleviprex, administered by intravenous  infusion, by a median of 6.3 minutes for patients with renal dysfunction (RD) and 11.3 minutes for patients with acute heart failure (AHF), with 91% of RD patients (24) and 94% of AHF patients (19) reaching their target within 30 minutes.

Most patients (88% RD, 84% AHF) transitioned to an oral antihypertensive after completing treatment with Cleviprex, according to the Parsippany, NJ.-based Medicines. In the analyses, there were no hypotensive events and Cleviprex was well tolerated, the company said.

“If approved, Cleviprex is poised to be an important new treatment option, uniquely suited to meet the needs of hospital patients with acute blood pressure,” said James Ferguson, MD, vice president of global medical, surgical and critical care at Medicines.