Siemens announces upgrade for Sonoline Antares ultrasound system
Siemens Medical Solutions unveils that its Clarify vascular enhancement (VE) technology is now available on the Sonoline Antares ultrasound system with the StellarPlus performance package.

Siemens says that Clarify VE technology improves the ultrasound image quality of macro- and microvasculature in any organ accessible with ultrasound by providing a much clearer image when compared to conventional B-mode imaging. Ultimately, this enables sonographers to quickly obtain complete information during the study, and not spend excessive time on system controls.

The Clarify VE technology on the Antares system with the StellarPlus performance package can be integrated in a variety of applications says Siemens, including vascular and small-parts studies, abdominal exams, and obstetric and gynecological cases.

Siemens notes that the Clarify VE technology is compatible with advanced Siemens imaging technologies such as tissue harmonic imaging, SieScape panoramic imaging, TEQ ultrasound technology, Cadence contrast agent imaging technology and 3-Scape real-time three-dimensional imaging.