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Siemens Medical Solutions (3006) is demonstrating how its integration of imaging and IT helps drive positive clinical and financial outcomes in cardiac care.

For angiography, fluoroscopy and x-ray, Siemens will highlight the Artis zee family, which allows physicians to see the vessel edges, assisting with proper stent positioning. The company will also showcase the recently FDA-approved Artis zeego, which features a multi-axis C-arm that employs robotic technology to extend imaging capabilities with less restricted C-arm positioning.

For CT, the company will showcase the Somatom Definition, a dual source CT scanner that eliminates the need for beta blockers and reducing radiation exposure by as much as 50 percent. The FDA recently granted the company 510(k) premarket approval to use the dual-source scanner in various dual-energy capacities including to visualize cardiac perfusion defects. In addition to imaging, syngo WebSpace offers access to advanced postprocessed CT data at a doctor’s office or home through a web-based connection.

For IT, Siemens is showing diagnostic image management from syngo Dynamics with the nursing documentation, orders, and outcomes analysis capabilities of Soarian Cardiology. The Soarian Cardiology and syngo Dynamics solution provide procedural and episodic care reporting capabilities and a cardiovascular electronic patient record.

For MRI, Siemens will highlight its total imaging matrix (Tim) technology and Tim application suite, which enhances MRI as a tool in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

For molecular imaging, Siemens is demonstrating its cardiology solutions, including, Symbia SPECT, Symbia SPECT/CT and Biograph PET/CT systems. Siemens Biograph 64 has a new TruePoint PET/CT technology package that performs CT angiography and myocardial perfusion and viability in a single exam. Siemens is also highlighting PETNET, which enables Siemens to provide biomarkers for clinical and preclinical PET imaging to the New England region through PETNET’s SafetyNet international network of more than 45 manufacturing and distribution centers.

For cardiac ultrasound, Siemens is featuring the Acuson X300, which provides compact, portable color Doppler solutions for adult, pediatric, OR, EP and interventional cardiology applications with exceptional clinical performance. The company said it is also showing its Acuson AcuNav ultrasound catheters, the Acuson Sequoia ultrasound system and the Acuson Cypress Plus cardiovascular ultrasound system.