SonoSite ships SonoCalc IMT software

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SonoSite Inc. has begun shipping its SonoCalc IMT software that is used in conjunction with its compact ultrasound imaging system, Titan.
SonoCalc IMT PC-based software allows physicians to quickly and effectively measure the wall thickness of the common carotid arteries and assess a patient's risk of cardiovascular disease. The software enables physicians to identify disease at an early stage and to manage it more effectively, SonoSite said.
Introduced at the 2004 American Heart Association meeting, SonoSite's SonoCalc IMT automated edge-detection technology provides fully automated, single-click IMT measurement capability; semi-automated, user-guided IMT sketch or trace measurements for difficult images; statistical analysis of multiple IMT measurements; patient-specific exam electronic file management; and professional report generation summarizing one or more IMT examinations for a particular patient.